Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Reset Epson Stylus T11 :

Finally, the long-awaited come. After a long search for software resetter Epson T11. It was a relief ..... Before I had time to post how to manually reset epson T11. And this time I will discuss how to reset epson T11 and 100% Tested and FREE.

How to Reset Epson Stylus T11 :

  • The first step, you must have already installed the printer driver at your computer.
  • Download software resetter Epson T11 first. You can download here
  • Run the program resetter Epson T11 with a double click on "Loader.exe", do not jump in "AdjProg.exe" because the program will not run if straight from the "AdjProg.exe"
  • Then follow the following picture:

"Check: used to counter check the maximum 7800 points, you can see it in the main pad counter. If more or close to 7800 points means the printer needs to be reset"
"Initialization: used to reset or re-counter zerro printer"

When finished, turn off epson T11, then turn on again. The printer will on with a full green light. Epson Stylus T11 printer ready for use again.

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