Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resetter Epson L200 and How Uses

This time, I will discuss about Resetter Epson L200 and How to Use it. Epson L200 is a new printer from Epson which using a CISS from the Epson original. Epson L200 and it did not escape from the counter of the protection system provided by the Epson. So when the printer is Epson L200 already full at the counter then we have to reset it to initial conditions. That is by using Epson Resetter L200.
Resetter Epson L200 and How Uses:
Resetter epson L200 can be downloaded at the following link Ziddu:
download disini

Password: ekohasan

Using 7zip compression format, if not have the software can be downloaded at:

Resetter Epson L200 and How Uses:

Resetter Epson L200 and How Uses:

  1. Turn Espon L200 and L200 make sure Espon already connect to the computer and installed drivers.
  2. Then run Resetter Epson L200, by double clicking the file "AdjProg.exe"
  3. Click "accept">> "Particular Adjustment Mode">> Select "Waste ink pad counter reset">> click "Check">> uncheck "play pad counters, FL Boxes counter, tube Ink Counter", then click the "initialization"> > "Finish".
  4. The next step Epson L200 turn off, then disconnect the power.
  5. The last step reattach the power cord and turn on the printer, wait a while until Epson Epson L200 and L200 will return to normal.
OK, that is How to use Epson resetter L200.


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